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Set HBase environment variables in this file. Examples include options to pass the JVM on start ofan HBase daemon such as heap size and garbage collector configs.You can also set configurations for HBase configuration, log directories, niceness, ssh options,where to locate process pid files, etc. Open the file at conf/ and peruse its content.Each option is fairly well documented. Add your own environment variables here if you want themread by HBase daemons on startup.

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The reference documentation: For general content that will be helpful to all users please propose your contribution for the reference documentation. This includes all information about how to install, configure, use, and troubleshoot Proxmox VE features. The reference documentation is written in the asciidoc format. To edit the documentation you need to clone the git repository at git://; then follow the README.adoc document.

For other topics not included in the following sections, please refer to theDebian documentation. TheDebianAdministrator's Handbook is available online, and provides a comprehensiveintroduction to the Debian operating system (see [Hertzog13]).

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